How I Cope With Things
Arlene Versus the Storm

I’ve erased thirteen attempts at this “About” crap, so I hope this one is better. I feel like I’m writing an obituary whenever I write these, it’s weird. Okay. Here we go.

I act, only stage right now, but maybe they’ll let me be on TV one day. Or a movie. Wait, screw that “let me” business, I’m going to just jump on whatever film set I can find and hope they keep footage that has my face on it.

I write. I mean, I have a blog (that you’re hopefully here to read) so it’s kind of a given. But mostly I write random tangents that I’ll never publish, plays that should never be read, novels that take too long at publishers, screenplays that would break camera lenses, and poems that have nothing to do with love (because, let’s face it, who can actually distill love in a meaningful way after “When I See You Smile” by Bad English? They kind of covered it for us. We can move on to other topics now) and other things that catch my fancy.

Soon to be a certified Mother Fucking Artist (that’s what M.F.A. stands for, right?) in Acting from the University of Connecticut, and already validated as a Bad Ass in English and Acting from Purdue University. Originally from Chicago, IL; lover of pizza, whiskey, and having my ACL reconstructed (Two times through already. Beat that! Or don’t. Please. It’s painful).

I can’t do the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs or speak in Parseltongue, but I’m pretty good with anagrams and staying awake for obscene lengths of time. Pretty sure that makes me a magical creature of some sort, right?

Only hang out with people who think you’re fucking magical but will always tell you when you’re being an ass. Those are the only people worth sharing a drink with.

p.s.- My main website, www.arlene-bozich.com, is always updated with acting photos, these blog posts, and any new writing that I’m looking to publish. Go forth and conquer, friends.

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