They Give Me Freeze Pops Here

Originally published June 21st, 2016 on

So we open the first show of the Monomoy season tonight! Any of you ever seen “The Drowsy Chaperone”? It’s the definition of delightful (adj. “Causing delight; charming”). And if you’re wondering about what exactly “delight” means it’s: n.”Great pleasure”. AND if you were wondering about the ETYMOLOGY  of delight, it’s this: “Middle English: from Old French delitier (verb), delit (noun), from Latin delectare ‘to charm’, frequentative of delicere. The -gh- was added in the 16th century by association with light.”

So, as you can see, they’ve let me out of rehearsal today and this is what I do with my time when I can’t focus on learning more lines.

For anyone who doesn’t know the Monomoy schedule, this is what a typical day looks like:

6:30 ; Wake up and go to the gym. Spin on that bike until both knees are the same level of wobbly instead of just the one knee freaking out all alone post ACL surgery. We wouldn’t want the knee to feel alone, after all. Do some sit ups. Feel proud.

7:30 ; Shower, because you smell like a dog. Maybe put on some makeup, but most likely examine your eyebrows and realize you could do a pretty good Frida Kahlo impression if you just left them alone for a bit. Proceed to leave them alone.

8:15 ; Breakfast. They feed you. The cook this year, Jason, calls me Donna because I remind him of Donna from “That 70’s Show”. I just really don’t want to end up in jail like her character in “Orange is the New Black”, even though I would have some amazing stories from going to prison. Think about it. I’ve now added “Going to Jail” to my list of “Things I Might Accidentally End Up Being Really Good At”.

9:15 – 12:15 ; First Block. You may or may not be called to rehearsal (depending on your role and what pages are being worked that day). However, the Rehearsal Tent is the most absolutely magical, wonderful, fantastic rehearsal space I’ve ever been in. I’ll post pictures at some point, but basically think of those big event tents with a nicely worn, hardwood floor in the middle of shaded, fantastic woods with hammocks all around so that, if you have a small break mid rehearsal, you can enjoy the surrounding wilderness before jumping back into rehearsal. I.E. “Heaven on Earth”.

12:30 ; They feed you again. You sit outside on the patio, that also doubles as the theatre lobby during showtime because it’s just that wonderful. You also make a PB&J daily because, as anyone on the Monomoy compound can attest, PBJ’s somehow become addicting while you live here. Also, Red Drank (Red Pixie Stick powder (5 cups per pitcher) and water (we think)).

1:30 – 5:30 ; Second block. Could be rehearsal for the second show you’re in, could be time off, or it could be one of the infamous Two Doe Shays (Two Show Day). During a Two Doe Shay, Jan Rust makes the best iced coffee in the world and you lose your mind the heat and your makeup actually soaks into your liver by the end of the day. It’s fantastic.

6:00 ; They feed you again. You eat another PB&J. You down more Red Drank and begin your dance with Type II Diabetes.

7:00 – 10:00 (ish); Third Block. Earlier in the summer, this was the third rehearsal for the opening musical. Now, this is where we perform a show. So, when we’re in full swing, you’re doing one show in the First Block, a different rehearsal for a different show in the Second Block, and then performing a completely different show for the Third Block. Definition, “Madness, n.: The state of being mentally ill, especially severely. A state of frenzied or chaotic activity.”

Post Third Block ; Run to Cumberland Farms, if it’s open. Cumbies, as we affectionately call it (among other names that I won’t write because I have a sneaking suspicion my mother and father might read this blog) is our lifeline to the outside world. As lovely as Chatham, MA is, the whole place evacuates after 10ish and it seems like everyone has either died or is hiding from some Chatham Lagoon monster. Or maybe just the sharks. “Jaws” is based on this area, after all. Maybe everyone is just running from the sharks and forgot to tell me and now I’m gonna get eaten by Great White Landsharks. Or not. I’m still starving after Third Block, so sprinting to Cumbies is about all I can do to fight off the hunger pains because NOTHING IS OPEN ON THE CAPE PAST 10PM FOR SOME DAMN REASON. Would it kill them to have a Taco Bell or something closer than 30 minutes?! (Apparently the answer is yes, it would kill them and their crunchy, expensive, granola souls.)

Then, you sit on the patio and eat and drink and talk about the amazing work you did that day or lament the horrible choices you made in front of Terry Layman or our other fabulous directors and weep for what your career could have been.

And sometimes, people like Colleen Welsh and Kyle Rudolph give you freeze pops when you’re writing a blog post instead of rehearsing. And it’s amazing. I just got freeze pop juice on my laptop. I regret nothing.

But as for tonight, our patio will be a little fuller as the community sticks around to usher in the beginning of another Monomoy season. And I can’t wait! The 2016 Monomoy Season officially begins!

Visit the theatre website at .

Also, our social media hashtag for this summer is #Monomoy16 .



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