More Senselessness

Originally published February 28th, 2016 at

We opened “Sense & Sensibility” this weekend! I meant to update through the process, but time got the best of me. It’s been a joy to work with this entire cast and crew and I can’t wait to share this show with more audiences this week.

What has been, for me, the most rewarding part about working with my character Elinor Dashwood is the balance between restraint and elegance. There is so much Elinor can’t say through her story, so when she finally gets the chance to speak it’s a careful release so that everything doesn’t explode out of her head at once. I’ve loved finding how to breathe with her so that everything that happens to her is present and new each night instead of tense and awkward.

Have to be honest though- I have the most fun when I’m riding that automated turn table the tech team rigged up! It’s a fantastic addition to our elegant, simple set. I couldn’t be more proud of our tech, cast and crew!

See the show this week if you haven’t! We’re dark tonight and tomorrow, but we’ll be meeting some high schoolers for a matinee on Tuesday!

Sneak Peek of “Sense & Sensibility” at CRT:


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