It’s An Ecosystem

Originally published July 14th, 2016 on

So we’ve reached the halfway point here at Monomoy. Strange, right? Probably more strange for me than for you, I’ve really lost all concept of time and space and matter and who am I and how did I get here what rehearsal am I missing oh god-

Sorry. Back to scheduled programming.

We’re saying goodbye to two beautiful humans today, Colleen Welsh and Kyle Brand, who have stayed on as guest artists and friends for the entire summer until now. It’s sad and exciting; they get to leave our little hippie compound and go off into the real world (which I’ve learned, outside the glory of PokemonGo, is an epic shit show right now) and go see other people and work less than 15 hours a day, but we’re going to miss them terribly. And as we were drinking our farewells last night, Noot WhoLoo (Nate Healey) said it best,

“This place is its own ecosystem.”

Maybe all theatres are like that; I know there are some productions of shows that I could never replicate even if I had the money to try. But here at the Moy, you kind of forget that each show is actually its own production. The whole summer seems to meld together in a haze of singing, sweat, and makeup, fueled by coffee and the evening cocktail. But it’s amazing how much work you accomplish and how staggering it is when someone actually leaves, even for a little while. I feel a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of drinks were raised in celebration and were suddenly empty. I fear something terrible has happened.

Alex Allison is the Master of All Wigs. Bow down to his talent and greatness 

But it all continues on. The most amazing part of the Moy is that, as people leave, others accommodate the newfound space. Shows are opened and closed and we keep stumbling along til the end of the summer.

Stumble. Bumble. Fumble….Plumble. “Drowsy” feels like it was years ago, we closed “One Man, Two Guvnors” last week, it’s our Two Doe Shay for “Arms and the Man” and “Of Mice and Men” opens next week. Theatre is the best because you can’t be sad about the past or too anxious for the future; you have to sit there and go, “Well, this is today, and I’m exhausted and burned and I have violent enough caffeine shakes that I should probably get checked for early onset Parkinson’s, but I get to run onstage and either do a show or work my ass off in rehearsal with people I love dearly so throw me some Red Drank and rub some sunscreen on my sorry, pale ass and LET’S GO!”

Onwards and upwards, and godspeed to good friends. We’ll see you sooner rather than later, no doubt, and we’ll have more friends to introduce you to when we meet again.

Backstage “One Man, Two Guvnors” – our nightly dance party!:


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