Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Originally posted August 4th, 2016 on

Well, it’s happened. Reality called. We (my grad class at UConn) just received and email from our vocal professor (she just had a baby!! Ahhhhhh!!) with a friendly reminder:

“The work this semester will be pretty challenging, so please come in physically/vocally prepared. Specifically, if you’ve taken a holiday from regular work on tension release, alignment and breathing, now is the time to restart.”

Now, I haven’t taken a vacation. I warm up and cool down from rehearsal every day. However, between sleeping on a mattress that may or may not have been made during World War II, crawling around on the ground as Caliban while making bizarre creature noises the whole time, and seeing how far I can push my body at the gym five days a week (because I WILL PLAY THE SHE-HULK ONE DAY AND I MUST BE THOROUGHLY PREPARED), things have gotten…well…interesting. Case in point, a conversation earlier this week:

“Hey, Arlene, do you want a back massage?”


*Kind actor tries to massage my back*

“Uh, Arlene?”


“Is that a knot or a bone I’m hitting?”

“…a knot.”

My body has gone through all sorts of weird crap over the past year. I mean, as of January 1st I wasn’t even able to walk. Now I’m crawling around like Gollum while seeing how many Stitch noises I can shove into Shakespeare before Bob Davis, fearless leader and director, throws me a look to take it down a notch. This is all while I’ve decided, for some reason, that I want to see how strong I can get which is great except for that whole thing where my body is totally different now.

 Featuring Arlene Bozich as one of the somewhat terrifying, mostly annoying creatures.

Like, there are three major muscles that make up the butt (gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus) and all of mine are on fire during all hours of the day. But I’m pretty sure my thighs are strong enough to crush a grown human’s head now (if the need arises. You know, for emergencies). My knee does a rather fabulous impersonation of a bowl of Rice Krispies cereal when you pour the milk over it, too. When I warm up in the morning I immediately crave cereal because of it. Kind of a Pavlov thing.

It’s all worth it though. I use a tennis ball to roll out the worst of the knots, but it’s pretty cool what the human body is capable of. If you would’ve shown me the movement I was doing for Caliban back in January I would have laughed in your face. We have found some weird crap for this character and it’s fantastic! The fur body suit with a codpiece really makes it. It’s going to be like I’m wearing a sauna while I’m bear crawling around the stage. My parents are so proud of me, I promise.

My parent’s faces when they visit for “The Tempest” and realize this is what I’m doing with my college degree.

One of my favorite parts of acting is seeing how the character lives in the body, and Caliban has totally taken over. My face and voice are even different; by the end of this, there won’t be a piece of me left onstage. I can’t wait to freak some people out like that.

So, we’ll throw ourselves into The Tempest and see what happens. On a side note, I’m relatively sure my skin is now just one large bug bite from the mosquitoes around here. I love the Cape but damn, I can’t wait for winter to kill these bugs by the truckload. Suck on that, bugs. Not me. Suck on that. Please. I’m begging you.

24 days until I’m back at UConn. Welcome to Act III of Monomoy, where everything’s made up and the points don’t matter. Our little hippie commune is hard at work to make it to the end of this fantastic season.


P.S.- Tyler Pisani, the actor playing Stephano in our production, and myself got asked to do an interview for PBS Rhode Island with the show “Hit and Run History”. This is a video made from the bowcam while we were out on Monomoy Island filming the interview. Thanks to Andrew Buckley and Geoffrey Bassett for the fantastic day!


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